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COR4edu, the Center of Resources for Education, has direct experience working inside the Commission of Independent Education (CIE). Our experience with the Department of Education (DOE) allows us to bring instant value to clients. Our custom services and products are designed with the expertise and experience from working inside various academic institutions, colleges, universities, and large corporate level organizations. Our goal is to assist school owners, staff, and students in growing and prospering in online teaching environments.


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Personalized treatment and training with a professional education specialist

Easy to use document management system aimed to keep you in compliance

Powerful custom tools to empower your team and clients

Professional education specialist

We focus on assisting institutions aiming to improve their resources and overall efficiency by providing the technology, solutions, and information needed to stay ahead of the competition.

A user-friendly document management system

We thoroughly discuss any problems, concerns, or issues relating to the current filing process. The service assists with converting paper files into electronic ones and managing your student and staff files.

Custom tools developed to empower your team and clients

Website creation and management, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and powerful advertising.

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